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This will be my first blog post of 2020. I’ve had rough ride this new year. Things have been very shaky and unsteady for me. But as we continue to live, we must continue to struggle and continue to persevere.

From attempts to get it right, attempts at success rather we achieve our goals, or not, there are many lessons to be learned. One of those lessons I learned from the great late hip hop icon, Nipsey, who said on Big Boy 92.3 The Beat LA, the difference is you aint gone quit.

I was recently watching a documentary on Nina Simone, and there was a point where all her skills in classical piano made it possible for her to attend a prestigious music school in NYC. They rejected her application. 

She said it took about 6 months for her to realize, she got rejected cause she was black. Sometimes you or I may think am I good enough? We fight hard sometimes to be great, to apply, to work our various social media platforms and so on. As I write this, I reflect on the intense struggles of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Every attempt made by this man to save our people, has been blessed by God, but met with a fierce attack, or opposition from those powers who keep tabs on his movement from the inside out. They also keep tabs on every so called citizen in the country often, illegally according to Eric Snowden, Gov secrecy whistle blower. 

Sometimes its not just our efforts not being large enough, even though it does play a factor, sometimes we don’t see the hidden hand controlling the algorithm. We don’t own the TV networks. We don’t own these social media platforms. We don’t own these various organizations who are responsible for helping those in need and aiding those to reach to higher levels of life. We are not the owners of twitter, tic toc, web sites and hosting services. We don’t see those individuals at desks who are paid, to let a few in and the masses struggle. This may seem far fetched, but just ask the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan why we haven’t gotten the 100 million acres of farm land for all 40-50 million black people.…God is powerful yes. God is Great yes, but God is no spook, so it is with Gods chief enemy Satan. 

They have worked tirelessly to stop the minister. He did call for a million man march and got nearly two million, but today we have nearly 2 million black me in prison. Is that cause the minister didn’t work hard enough? Is it because he didn’t open up the eyes of the blind man in the ghettos in a major way? Could it be that our enemies are real, and they work to control the outcomes, but God is also one who allows It for a reason?

Could God be allowing us the free will to do as he pleases or we please in an effort to save us, or allow us to go down with our open enemies?

Ever wonder why we are not where we would like to be? I’m sitting here thinking, I’m going to ask God this question now. If you feel like me, then you should too. Ask God, don’t get upset with others, don’t get so bent out of shape, don’t feel some type of way, and certainly don’t kill your brother or sisters like Cain did Abel. Just ask Allah(God) tonight, today, this morning. Why have I not achieved the level of success, or measure I set out to yet? 

Hit me up and let me know the answer God gave you, and god willing I’ll write another blog and get you mines as well. 

Nevertheless, never give up. Don’t loose hope. The moment you feel like loosing hope, is the moment you let all go, and someone else breaks free cause they were at the point you were, and they didn’t stop. You did, and they didn’t and just kept on pass the point of NO RETURN. 

Once we commit to do something, we need to stay the course. Fight and struggle until we’ve learned to fly. Don’t get so bent out of shape at what you see others doing. One day you’ll learn to fly, just like every bird who has wings, born to take the sky. These are all facts and you could see it in my eyes, its no lie, we was born to live and die, and in-between do everything in our power to stay alive. 

Covid-19 has hit the country hard. Be safe. You can order immune supplements like OLIVE LEAF IMMUNE, or IMMUNOVINE and Coral Legend Plus, both are supplements to boost the immune system and keep your body alkaline. Very powerful indeed. But above all, try cutting down your meals and snacks so many times a day. Try eating more healthy, leave the pork, red meat and fast food merchants of death ALONE. Do not eat pork AT ALL! And try to fast as much as you can like one day, two days or even three days, drinking plenty of water if you need some, or coffee or tea. Make sure the coffee doesn’t have a half gallon of milk and sugar in it, nor your tea as well. Keep the drinks light and as original as possible. All of this I learned from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his book called, HOW TO EAT TO LIVE. 

I’m releasing music this year, were just waiting on mixes to get done, and putting together plans for dope visuals. One of which is called, Holy Ghost.

I have several others on all platforms as well, PROFILE AND YOUNG PRINCE.

But I’m extra pleased to say, I’ve officially began to service my fellow artistic creatives as a Filmer/Editor of content, music videos, weddings or what have you. Anything you need filmed, just about I can do it for you professionally, as long as your not trying to get me to film your Black Panther look alike movie lol….but yes my skills have really increased over the years since 2017 when I first began. Check out some of my Ariel photos below, and let me know when you would like to get your next project or event put on film for the world to see!

Thanks for reading these words, and as I leave I reflect on the divine guidance of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrkakhan to us in his study guides titled, Self Improvement, the Basis for Community Development. He’s says, There is a difficulty factor attached to everything of VALUE.

Peace and Blessings,


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