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It’s a new generation, it’s called Hip Hop. But it’s the tremendous gift, of our young people that has affected, not only young people all over the world, but when you turn on the television many of the commercials have Hip Hop beats behind it and they’re trying to rhyme too.” ~Minister Louis Farrakhan
Before joining the Nation of Islam I began writing and rapping at age 15. My lyrics were infused with topics from violence, degradation of women, partying and foolishness. I was a heavy weed smoker. I didn’t know my purpose in life but like many youth who grew up in the ‘hood, I wrote about what I felt was hot, popular and what was sick that would make others attracted to me as a lyricist.

After reading “From Niggas to Gods” by Akil, the “Willie Lynch Letter”, “Message to the Black Man” by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and listening to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, my life and lyrics changed for the better. I began to reflect on what I was writing and proceeded to correct the lyrics to reflect the light that had been showed to me. Since then I have been developing as an Emcee. However recently after releasing my first EP, or mix tape “Inspiration”, I received a call from my brother Jesse Muhammad about how he had been touched by my song, “Mecca Medina” that sheds light on what we call Black Medina (Chicago) and Black Mecca (Detroit).

Afterward, we set up a plan to bring Bro. Jesse and the Teachings 2.0 Book Tour containing Twitter responses by Minister Louis Farrakhan to Cincinnati. I got so excited that I wrote a verse summing up how the Farrakhan Twitter Army had Minister Farrakhan’s name trending on Twitter and the impact of his social media account.

When Bro. Jesse came to Cincinnati, we shot a promotional video for the tour and later released it. He then told me that I’m welcomed to come on tour with him and open up with the track and do my own performance. I’m young, fresh, creative and energetic, but sometimes a bit nervous. I agreed, but it took some time to come. Finally, he was scheduled to hit Philly (Philadelphia) at Masjidullah and New York Mosque No. 7. By God’s grace I made it. We had a blast and I got a chance to see the Mosque that later Min. Farrakhan would come and speak for a fundraiser for the Muslim community at Masjidullah. We just hit Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta and the Believers and people there showed us love. I’m honored because first, Bro. Jesse is not so insecure that shine would be taken from him and his purpose, by allowing another one of God’s stars to open up and shine, too. He welcomes it. Then he has given me a platform on behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to continue developing as an Emcee.

Thank you, Brother Jesse for being a real brother. I also thank Minister Farrakhan because he is the main one encouraging us to find our gifts, discover our purpose and GET TO WORK! Let’s prove that God is in person by going out to show forth the talents that are being refined specifically for the building of God’s Kingdom on earth!



Check out his music here if you havn’t done so already.

“With one rap, it can do more than a hundred of my sermons. One Rap, that raps intelligent, can lift the minds and spirit of our youth and give them right guidance.” – Min. Farrakhan


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