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Please keep this to yourself for now…. we are in the planning..dates coming soon god willing..read on to find out. #Facts

New Visuals…coming yall. But… think of mexico…the mountains…the villages…and people and the green areas that a super dope 4K DSLR High Quality Cam 10X the one we shot the young prince video with will look????

Man this about to be: Historic. Dope. Epic. A Challange. Super Creative.

Photoshoot in Mexico??? Can you guess what city we traveling too tho? Wait… Stylists for this video too? Wait…..wait…. hol on…hol on tho!…. GUESS WHAT DESIGNER I BOOKED FOR MY MALE/FEMALE MODELS???? YOOOOO!!!

Aboriginal’s concept is to take the true definition of the word, and use dope characters in a bomb ass video, giving light to its meaning. In the face of injustice, evil and oppression, of the black, the latino and natives, the song seeks to provide a short lyrical statement to the enemies blatant form of racism now getting worse.

Aboriginal is a term actually taken out of the English dictionaries, as taught to us by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Ab is latin, meaning AWAY FROM. Original means origin or beginning.



He said it simply means, all native, natural people to the planet earth, NON-EUROPEAN. As a tutor of english and reading in a poor performing school in Cincinnati Ohio, I took a few of my students, mainly female 4th graders, into the library to read an assignment with them. To my surprise, it had a statement about native people. The native “aboriginals” went down by the lake. I was shocked to see it in reading material in a school that had low reading test scores. Like God wanted me to see it specifically for this song. Because that term is not in the dictionaries at all.

I broke down the word for them, and made them make sentences. Then pulled out a world magazine, with pictures of Black people all over the world. Told them these are what aboriginal people look like. Then asked them, did they see any resemblance to the pictures with people in the library at the time. They couldnt really see. I made them see themselves. They were aboriginal people in the room, in whose DNA DATES BACK THE VERY BEGINNING OF TIME WHEN GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE.

Long story short, I began writting the song. It had me lifted and inspired on our way back to class rapping the bars in the hallway. The next day, the children came in and said…mike x…mike x…we remembered the lyrics to your song. I was touched. One boy who had frequent disciplinary problems, came up to me and asked could he read my lyric book. I said yes. He took the book and to my surprise, I was blown away. He was the only child that asked me, MIKE X….WHAT DOES AB-ORIGINAL MEAN?

Feel free to share my content via my artist page too…. stay on it tho! LOL #Facts ‘Mikal Stands’

Mikal Stands

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