Minister FARRAKHAN is still banned on all his social media accounts!

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“One Rap, is worth 100 SERMONS” – Minister Louis Farrakhan via Raw TV Radio Chicagos Power 92.3 fm

I been a follower of Farrakhan since 2005 when I joined the NOI, and decided smoking weed wasn’t for me any more, and I wanted to take a serious look at the time I was wasting after reading the book, FROM NIGGAS TO GODS BY AKIL! That book at 19 years of age changed my life forever, for REAL!

I had been eating like crazy what ever tasted the best to my mouth. Like Wendys bacon and cheese burgers daily! I ate pork, beef, chicken, fast food and all.

The craziest times were when I got hospitalized off smoking some weed in Cincinnati, and hit a joint in Long Beach Cali, then tweaking so hard, I was on a balcony talking to some birds yo! Shit was wild….. I started going wild in the house, then taking the pack of chicken and tossing it on my chest, going into the hall way, when neighbors came out and said I was having a panic attack! Took me to the hospital and they basically told me, quit doing drugs! BUT DAMN, WHAT WAS IN THE WEED THEN? (yr.2004)

Then blazing in Long Beach, after placing honey on the blunt, we did that to make the joint burn slow….. and smoking it took me to a place where I FELT THE NEED TO TALK TO THE BIRDS…later to find out we can communicate with animals but bra I was faded like crazy! Last time I smoked was off some so called blue-berry chronic….in the LBC! The homie hit me up and asked had I ever had blue berry? I said naw cool…. I slid through and hooked up with the homie. I knew I was having issues with weed and my body, but I said I’m a take it super easy…. I hit the joint lightly, 3 times… 10 minutes I felt the RUSH….

SHIT WAS CRAZY! I told my bro DOUBLE Ls… lets go! Walked up the street to meet my big bro…and but was sooooo faded I was basically wavering from side to side…. stoped in a Burger King to get some water….ordered it, then went out on the patio just staring at these 2 Latinas eating and sitting….bro had to tell me I got the water lets go!

I walked up the street and just gone! I Never liked the fact that I was never in control of my body while HIGH…. it was getting worse… I had to stop! When my step mom introduced me to AKIL, WHO WROTE FROM NIGGAS TO GODS….I WAS SOLD! THIS WAS MY TICKET TO SOMETHING HIGHER….the rest is history…..from holding guns, to smoking and running around rapping and either ending up shooting somebody or being shot… a drug addict that could have had me smoking all my bread away…. I had enough and ISLAM SAVED ME FROM MY CRAZY ASS DIET…. to probably doing some serious harm in the way of my physical body suffering from whatever the hell was being laced in the weed…..

Farrakhan has a right to be lyrically defended by young Mikal Stands, one of the dopest artists up and coming and still growing into power! Watch or re-watch the BANN video below, then grab the song for your possession below!!!!!


The song for free is here below as well.


Remember, click the link to download, but if you on apple phones LIKE ME, you gotta download from your lab top or desktop and air drop it or transfer it over to your phone

To support me and my artistry, grab these songs I did for the death of Malcolm & what really happened here: BELLY

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