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Blessings Family,

Thanks for supporting the God thus far. Just wanted to let you know, the video Belly will release soon. We’re thinking about Dec 25th, but my feelings tell me to push it back to Jan, 6th to help build more suspense, and bigger push for promotion. Stay tuned, and keep a look out for the blog post I’ll be sending out, giving you the notification first, that the video is released.

In the meantime, check out this dope blog post by a dope social media, award winning blogger by the name of Jesse Muhammad, also known as Minister Farrakhan’s Twitter Army General, a group of youth and adults who engage, defend and promote the spread of Minister Farrkhans message all across social media platforms.

Wanna support the effort, just grab the music here! All goes a long way, but were here for the long haul, and I got so much more bangers to keep you inspired and uplifted!



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