Born in Los Angeles, growing up in Hollywood, Cincinnati Ohio and Riverdale GA, Mikal began his love for music as a 15 year old 9th grader attending Riverdale High in Georgia. Inspired by artist Bow Wow and Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony the young spitter discovered his gift.

His brother working as a 92.3 the beat promoter, the group had access to everything in the mix going on in Los Angeles. Opening up for Bone Thugs and Master P inside the famous Vault Club in the LBC, Mikal would catch his first industry opportunity to officially perform for legends in the game.

2005 his life took a drastic change after reading a book called, ‘From Niggas To Gods’. His career began to transition and would never be the same. Later with one of his younger brother being gunned down and murdered in the streets, Mikals mind had been made up as far as his direction in life.

He would began his spiritual journey under the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, move back to Ohio for confirmation of a potential status of fatherhood, enroll in college for engineering but music had been put on a back burner for some time.

It took years of growing mentally and spiritually but in 2013 is when the young MC and his passion for rap music ignited again, releasing ‘Inspiration 1 &2’, a collection of music supported by thousands to date.

In 2014 while working to empower a group of young boys at Taft Elementary in Cincinnati Ohio, Mikal released a dope video ‘New Rulers’. The video featured children that were touched by Mikals ability to be a positive Artistic role model for young black youth particularly males.

Now in 2017, Mikal feels his career as an artist has really just begun. He is also recently 1 year into filming and editing on a professional level, with a some much of his energy spend on writing, directing his videos as well as filming and editing which is a world within itself.

As people often put it, Mikal Stands has an awesome message with a dope sound, combining witty punch lines, smashing beats like a chameleon in his versatility in style and flows with great energy. Blending rap with a message, often producing positive radio music, the Hip Hop artist is growing and stepping into his Greatness. True greatness just takes time and realizing this, Mikal Stands is well on his way.

His lyrics have captured the attention of youth in the public school system, empowerment groups and the streets. He receives standing ovations for just his ‘a cappella delivery’, from students on college campuses, to religious organizations who are usually reluctant to hear music from the controversial genre.

His live performances also include, funeral services as a spoken word artist, Juneteenth Festivals, Major Club venues as an opening act, book tour openings and featured performances, Family Day park events, block parties for various organizations working to unite their communities, major conferences from Black History month crowning events to Health and Beauty shows. He’s performed for youth audiences as well as adult audiences.

If you havn’t done so, for a limited time, Mikal is always releasing new music, some free and others for your support. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to some free tracks.

Because people are looking for more real authentic Rap Artists with what they put out, and ‘Mikals Music’ demonstrates that.