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I was recently in Tampa Florida and forgot all about this dope conference containing different elements of truth at the Scientology head quarters in Clear Water. I have been studying Scientology for years now, since the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan directed us to look into their organization for healing tools for the mind. What I have found, has personally benefited me, and not so much canceled what I believe in.

In addition to this event that I participated in last minute, I had the opportunity to open a few much needed products to help spice up my art. A dope Panassonic camera, and many other accesories that came with it. I just knew I wanted to film something that weekend before leaving the area. So I had the awesome opportunity to film this workshop at the Ebony Awakening Conference at the Church. I wanted to test out the cameras film capabilities, the cameras picture, and what I could do in the future for my sound and videos. I really love the way this camera operates. It was well worth the wait investment. But this post is not about the workshop alone, or the camera, just me connecting with you all on whats been happening with myself. I have been working hard to make certain investments in music, recordings, new ventures and its been a struggle and a blessing the same. However I say this, and get on with my next post.


One of the things you hear in this clip, is the fact that McDonalds does push much poison like many other things in life. But the speaker Mr. Osborn shared this great truth that resonated with me and everyone there. “The value is not in the product, the value is in what it ‘FIXES'”. So in all that we do, lets strive to make our work meaningful and be one who strives to help solve the problem of others while we live.

Also I hope you like the video. Its from my new product, filmed and edtied by me. More coming along the film and music lines soon, god willing. Stay tuned. Peace, and drop a comment on my post of what you all think. Thanks


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  • Sis Khadijah Muhammad says:

    It looked like it was a great event, I look forward to seeing more of your work! The clip was nice ?
    Investing in yourself is always a blessing! Keep Working ♥️

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