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Its been a while and I’ve been working and soaking up all the recent issues that have impacted Black America. I’m back with some good and awesome news. With the recent passing of brother Nipsey Hussle and the impact brother had on many, who knew of him deeply and barely, there is clearly an all out attack on black people and the black community at large.

We are either dealing with the murder of our leaders from our own people, or the working of an open enemy against them.

Shortly after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan took to the streets of Los Angeles, after donating a whopping 150K of the Final Call News Paper, we got word that his IG and Facebook accounts had been given a LIFE TIME BAN! Saying that he is lumped in with several others of whites, who facebook deemed dangerous!

One of them was a man named Alex Jones of info wars. Now He visited with Minister Farrakhan in Phoenix AZ, in January of 2016. Topics were massive from abortion of black babies, to women and the president of the US. But I know this for a fact, that a man such as Alex Jones in the eyes of America, England and those who control the presidents from the state of Israel, DO NOT SEE ALEX JONES AS THE SAME THREAT TO THEIR POWER AS LOUIS FARRAKAHN! This is a fact. No argument. The track record of Minister Louis Farrakhan is too serious, too great, too extensive in his impact on the planet, to compare these two. So who lump Farrakhan in a category with the others?

In my humble opinion, the real target and aim was Farrakhan, and it didn’t stem from Facebook originally. The media in America is a controlled bought and paid for media. They don’t have the freedom to spread truth but only lies mixed with the truth. Donald Trump even condemned them, and SOCIAL MEDIA, is no different.

There is much to say on this topic. Much to say. From Minister Farrakhan speaking at Nipseys home going in LA, to his ban on social media, Artists have a very important role in this time. According to the Hon. Minister Louis Farrkhan, 1 rap is worth a 100 sermons. Music in general has been able to help us deal with the abuse of slavery and white supremacy. So after his message at Saint Sabina Church in Chicago IL, responding to the ban on social media at the invitation of Father Micheal Pfleger, I was inspired to finish a record in his defense.

Below is a snippet of that record, entitled BAN, and I’ll be giving it away for free as soon as the cover art is finished. More soon God willing on these topics, but for now enjoy and share this link from below, on Facebook and Twitter, as well as repost these videos via my Instagram page: @mikalstands

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk soon.


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