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Its been 3 years since I edited my first ever music video. I had a passion for photography back in college in my degree field Architectural Engineering.

During my degree at Cincinnati State Technical College, I had to learn photoshop. I remember this girl who was in the program I never knew, just show me some things, I from then on it was popping. I grew to love visuals and really making things look dope!

After I graduated I 2010, your brother was turned off after going to look for a position to grow my design skills with black firms. I went to one, then the next one, and I just got tired of looking because all I wanted was to learn more hands on but do it with a black man. I saw that in a so-called prestigious field as engineering, we didn’t have what it took to provide jobs for our people. I said to hell with it, I’ll just go back to doing what I loved any ways, making music.

It was a tough choice, because I wanted to make the Nation proud, and my parents particularly my father. They were the ones telling me I needed a nation building skill. Even though my passion was music, art and writing.

I recall the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan saying, most people go to school to get a degree to make money, INSTEAD OF GOING TO COLLEGE TO GET A DEGREE TO ADVANCE THE INNATE TALENT OR GIFT OR DEVELOP WHAT GOD HAD ALREADY GIVEN THEM NATURALLY….in so many words.

And you know how it is, if you a sister, a black woman, every so-called nigga wanna be a RAPPER?? Y’all be like, this NIGGA TRYING TO RAP! DAMN MAN..

When people would ask me what I did, I had to find a fancy way of saying, rapper, like artist, emcee, poet, or what have you! I knew if I said architect or engineering technician, the woman eyes would come open CAUSE THEY THINK MONEY! They don’t look at us, like what dream or vision or idea does this man have, that I can get aquainted with to help him be GREAT? OR THE NEXT GREAT God in the earth.

Its really embarrassing. Even now, my mom asked me when I was going back to college. College was cool but college sucks the life out of you. Its full of whites who act smart, and blacks who punk out of hard courses and act inferior to other races. I was sick of it. I was sick of the hustle to make a GPA a certain level, when they cram so much and don’t give me enough time to LEARN FOR REALLLLLLL! I HATED THAT!

So even though I didn’t go back for my bachelors in architectural engineering or design, I heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan say to a brother, who felt he wasn’t doing anything with his engineering degree, say, BROTHER THE BEST ENGINEER IS AN ENGINEER OF THE POEPLE!

I’m glad I took up filming and editing. I was on a job site one day in college, working with the recreation engineering department and may job was to take pictures of the current construction going on, and then accompany the architect to a few sites over looking the construction with plan documents in hand. I liked that. Designing all day got a little boring. So being out in the field was my cup of tea.

See I like the mic and the stage, and being able to rock the crowd. Make the crowd say OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH at a line of mines or cheer for the truth being dropped in a song I’m doing, or looking at my energy on stage! I like that! It gives me a rush. And now I can retreat from that, and get behind my desk and design according to visuals and bringing ideas to life. So I actually am doing what I went to college for. Just in a artistic musical kind of way.

My testimony is don’t worry about what folk say you should have done or didn’t do. ITS ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO GET A BAG! And just because I didn’t finish my degree, doesn’t mean I’m not in a university going for higher learning. That university is Islam, where we study God, life, science, wisdom, art, culture, people, languages and problem solve life! Its the best university I’ve ever joined and I’m not in thousands of dollars of debt because of it. The only debt is my life. We owe our lives to God. We owe our entire being to Him. And as long as we use our gifts for his glory, his cause, His will, and the uplifitment of a fallen humanity, that’s how we become successful in LIFE!

I now have offers going, to film your next project, or special occasion. Rather it be a music video, promo for your business or documentary, from Ariel shots to unclose keeping the social distancing and PPE requirements active, we can get you some dope visuals for your business or activity even on quarantine and as restrictions lift a bit. LET ME KNOW ASAP!


I pray your in the spirit and mood to fulfill your divine calling, work on it, and master it as many are sheltered in place, or working and living a different life due to all the requirements and changes.

I gave away a free record last week and you can find it here: BORNE and let me know how it sound and what you think.

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