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I was born in LA, downtown to be exact, Jan 6th 1986. I grew up in Hollywood, Long Beach, Inglewood and Los Angeles. I could recall spending time with my pops, who lived on 63rd and Crenshaw along with my brothers and sisters. All of whom are alive, except one who physically passed due to gang violence in the city of Long Beach. Gunned down and murdered, while living in Cincinnati OH I cried when I got the news. I sat and thought about how I just moved from LA, and one day while getting his hair braided, I slipped him a book called FROM NIGGAS TO GODS, for him to look at it, flip through it and hand it back. I didn’t try to force it on him. I had just quit acting a fool and didn’t wanna come off as now I’m better. I thought about the times of disagreements, and laughter with bro, and how soon after I left, he is gunned down and murdered.

We would often wake up to drive by shootings on those LA night weekends spend over my pops house. You could hear the automatic guns firing and blasting as car tires screeched the ground. I recall walking by a bunch of latinos always posted on their front porch drinking and smoking, then one day seeing that same house, surrounded with yellow tape. In my young head and mind, I thought somebody must have gotten killed from those drive bys I would hear at night. I had fun growing up in LA with me and my cousin Mack playing gun fights with our cap guns in Inglewood. Those were the days. I never had the chance to join a gang and gang bang. Probably would not be writing this blog here today. Who knows.

I began rapping at age 15 in Atlanta. Moved back to Cali and joined my big bro and some homies to begin building a buzz in Long Beach. It was then that we would loose a brother to gun violence and my path in Islam would begin.


I got the news Nipsey had been shot, and kept lookin to see if he survived. I never met bro except through my little brother. To my surprise he had been studying Nipsey since some time before. One day riding through LA we passed the Marathon store, and all I could hear my bro say is damn bro, Nipesy opened up a store bro that’s crazy…as if he was inspired in some way. Thats all I heard of him while in LA, except more recently through YouTube interviews and shows. Come to find out, my lil bro was at his store grand opening, and had been in contact with him and his management for booking bro to come speak and perform at his college campus in Long Beach. My lil bro said he took the news pretty hard and felt connected to bro. I too am saddened by a dope impact on our community and that someone would want that good that I see in my self to cease to exist. THE HATRED IS REAL!

What bugs me the most, is our lack of unity. Lack of support and the division we have in existence in our own organizations, community and family. Its getting better, but it seems God has to take souls, in order for us to come together. Why wait till God kills one of us, for you and me to say, hey I got something you and me can do together, lets go! I’m not for staying in the same place long. Its sad yes, but what are we going to get up and do NOW! What plan are we implementing to make sure, after were gone, someone will recognize us for our great works. If in fact a hit did play out on brother Nips life, then we have been re-confirmed that there is an all out war on BLACK PEOPLE IN PARTICULAR: THE BLACK MALE CHILD!

This war has to be fought by us today, cause like countless others who are aware of this, they are fighting this good fight but what are we doing TOGETHER! God says in the Qur’an no man knows in what land or what hour his final end will be. So I’m using the passing of our brother to work harder. To focus my energies on my REASON FOR BEING, AND THE NEED FOR GROUP ECONOMICS! I used to think, that All I needed was God and a Wife. To a degree that’s true but in other situations thats not enough. Im going to need 2 other Gods who are masters of what they do, in my family. my big bro and lil bro. My pops recently designed from his God Tailoring skill a video piece of my wardrobe for my Belly Music Video.

Im sitting here thinking, how come me, my bros and pops haven’t created one of the dopest lines out now on the west coast? Well I’m I had major video shoots and song projects for this year. I’m inspired far beyond ever to continue working towards my goals to be an established Artistic voice on this planet, and like Nip said, “the difference is, YOU AIN’T GONE QUIT!” – #FACTS


Rocking with Mikal Stands, this year, support my latest projects, and if you have a IPHONE, you’ll need a laptop to grab the music and transfer it to your phone. BELLY SONGS HERE



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