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Peace & Blessings fam,

When I was just a little boy, I can recall one Sunday evening listening to pastor Howard A. Swancy in Carson, break down a 7 year tribulation, the resurrection of the dead, and hell as well as the rapture. I was a very spiritual boy since young. And I did become afraid and decided to get saved right after that lecture. I wasn’t playing at all.

My mother was a Christian growing up, my father a muslim, but they argued over religion and fought somewhat over us as well. I never liked it. We were torn between what seemed to be two separate beliefs, but as children it hursts when your parents don’t get along. Especially when you wanna go with pops, but due to an argument he leaves and says to hell with it.

I can remember my dad coming and always saying, give me some black! That meant touch his cheek, from side to side, and often times he would have on some real good smelling cologne. Those were the days man. Sometimes we would go and he would be pushing in LA, on slauson, or one of those famous streets you would see black men with suits and bowties on in the 90s. We listened to ice cube, pac, and my dad had such a huge record collection, from 90s, to 80s, to calypso, to Reggae, and POP like MJ to R&B, TLC…. the list goes on and on, MC HAMMER to Cool Mo D! I Mean we listened to all the records man… and its no wonder why music is in my blood today along with my lil brother.

One thing about Nipsey Hussle was the story that his father in the 90s, would take his sons to a corner where the brothers would be pushing at, and tell his sons, you wanna hustle hard and grind in life, that’s how you do it there! Funny, my pops would take us to those same corners, but we would be watching him deliver the word, while Nipsey and his brothers watched my pops do the same.

The title came from my spiritual father, the Hon Minister Louis Farrakhan, when I recently heard him broke down the meaning of the cross, the Holy Ghost and the heart of the human being. It was heavy being that I got baptized in the name of Jesus as a young boy growing up in the church with my mother. I never left Jesus, but in fact I got a deeper meaning to the world Holy Ghost, deeper understand to being saved, and more knowledge on Jesus the savior for us as a people. I never forgot and today, I can truly say, I believe In Jesus and all that he taught, due to my increased love and knowledge given by Minister Louis Farrakhan.

We want to film this soon, but were going to go hard on the record and push this all the way independent, getting the music direct to the fan and the supporter. So make sure if you have a certain phone like apple phones, grab the music from your lab top after grabbing it here, Holy Ghost, and if not make sure it downloads clean and easy. Be safe and we got more coming where this came from, lots of dope sounds to release and lots of dope visuals to complete.

Thanks for reading these words, more next blog God willing.



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