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HIP HOP in the LBC

Many people dream of visiting the film capitol of the world. Los Angeles California, but more specifically Hollywood. Not only is Los Angles the city of my birth, but Hollywood is the city I grew up in as a child.When I was 11 years old in 1997 we moved to the mid west Cincinnati Ohio. My life would never be the same. The only thing I don’t regret is leaving the possibility of falling victim to gang activity. Alot of young bros die daily due to gang life. Of course when you talk about ghettos and crime, we can fall victim any where we live not just in Compton or LA. I’ve lived in many places while growing up. Like many children my mother was always on the move. When people ask, what High School did you go to, I get frustrated and quickly respond with, ‘I didn’t go to just one, it was many!’. Riverdale High in Atlanta GA, West High in Cincinnati, OH, and Wilson High in Long Beach California. It was in Atlanta, in a suburb called Riverdale that I would eventually discover the gift of lyricism and join the ranks of thousands of youth aspiring to be Artists.

My initial inspiration of course came from all the tapes me and my cousin would pop in of Ice Cube, the Dogg Pound and Pac! But it wasn’t until I heard Lil Bow-wow that sealed the deal for me. At 15 I said after my dad bought his album for me and my lil brother, ‘If he could do it, I can too’!. I was a quiet boy but had a world full of ideas running crazy in my head. I was definitely shy to talk to girls but had my run ins with them all the time, despite what shyness on the ‘outside’ looks like.

There was this one girl, man was she beautiful. She was pretty. I would always see different guys trying to talk to her, and I figured she was a good girl that popular dudes were after. One day I decided to try my luck. After lunch, I walked the hall way and headed for her locker. All I wanted to say was hi! I finally made it… knees shaking and all…nervous as heck. I spoke… but it barely came out. She responded and headed to class. I was sweating and shaking on the inside. I didn’t have the guts or confidence to talk to her in an open manner like other boys. I’m sure if I had stayed at Riverdale, maybe things would have turned out different. This was the school, where we would beat on lunch tables and hold ciphers right there in the cafeteria. From female rappers to us bros, we had tons of sessions. It was dope. Real dope. But I had a problem. Something I would be able to analyze later on in life, and even turn out to be something dangerous. I had no clue. No idea.

Fast forward to my 19th year on the planet. I was finally back on the west coast. This time I thought for good. This time, my love, my passion grew. I found myself in a group like the one in Riverdale, ‘Xplicit Content’, with a couple of bros I used to rap and chill with in and out of school. This time it was my family. My brother Kemo or as we called him, DJ. He worked for 92.3 the beat as a radio station promoter. We had the connects. We had the passion. We had squad. From Double L, to Denis the Menace and myself, Future! I found myself doing what most of us dream of doing, performing, promoting, rapping, and trying to blow up. The biggest show of my teenage years had been in Long Beach California at at place called, ‘THE VAULT’. Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony had the feature. Man lines were wrapped around the block. We hit the stage early for the sound check of one of our songs I had the first verse on, ‘Motivation’.

The thing is, Bone was my favorite rap group. I was geeked. Every known artist performed at the Vault. This was the time 50 would debut his single, that made him known to many on the streets of Cali with Dre being one of his producers. We opened, we smashed it but I was so nervous seeing all those people in the crowd. That place was deep as hell. I was in the audience riding off the high of opening up for some legends in the game, and there she was. I couldn’t believe it. My childhood crush. The same girl I went to elementary school with back in the day in Hollywood. The same feeling I had for the girl at Riverdale, I had for her. I was just a baby boy. I used to share extra pieces of chicken with this girl after school. All I wanted to do was simply enjoy her presence. She was pretty. She was beautiful. I knew then after all I did to grab her attention at that age, that maybe, just maybe she didn’t like me the same. Maybe it was because she was Latina. We beef out of ignorance, us and our so-called Mexican family. But I liked this girl. I figured since I just performed, maybe she saw me, and after all these years would want to catch up. I walked over  with confidence and began telling her why I was there, and asking the same. I hoped she would remember me, and she did. I reached out to give her a hug, and then it happened. She backed away as if she wanted nothing to do with the hug. As if to say, yeah I saw you up there, and yeah we went to the same elementary school. But sadly enough, the feelings weren’t mutual.

It was then that I had some clue about being an Artist. I wasn’t famous yet, but I had a quick wake up call. I could go much more into that but not now. And the fact I’m sitting here even writing this, still promoting music, still growing as an Artist lets me know. I’m not in this for nothing other than the passion to make dope music, affect change in the world and take good care of my family. I’m glad we met and you can witness me grow to be a source of lyrical inspiration to so many who need it.

If you would like to see where life has brought me, and will continue to take me musically, click here and take a look at my dope artist page full of video content!.

Thanks for taking the time to read these few short words. By the way, this was a true story. (smile)



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