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Yo when I heard the story of O.J, I was literally in awe. I had been working on an animation prior too and thought…damn this dope. I can’t wait to share mines with you all but definitely unique and different as opposed to what Jay did. I didn’t hear the whole album yet due to my creative mode I’m in when making new music and preparing releases. I just tune in and out of other universes to grab some inspiration and motivation here and there, while at the same time super focused on my work.

That said, I think its too much personality worship in the world. Why can’t I say I didn’t listen to the whole album yet? I’m not hating. I just ain’t so much of a personality worshipper of Jay-Z to stop what the hell I’m doing and go sign up for a Tidal Account, then take all him in, when I’m developing me!… lol

For real tho, I ain’t hating Jay-Z is in my top 5. Im almost done reading his book, Decoded and I’ve learned some dope things in it about rap and this industry. Talib Kweli already recommended it and said, any MC serious about being an MC need to read that book! So I got it. I been listening to Hova since a teenager and grew up on all his music. But when your more mature, focused on your work especially as an Artist, you have to study the great ones, keep up with them and get inspired from their great work, but NOT TO THE DETRIMENT OF YOU!

So as I said it was dope and I decided to edit my own videos to the remix verses. I was like, “Slave-Master made nigga, gave nigga hell, 24-7 a day nigga, kill nigga heal nigga, gorilla ape savage in the hood, sick and ill nigga, trying to get up out…the vehicle is get a deal Nigga!!”…

I went in on the beat dealing with personal life experiences.

2019 is half way here and I got dope music coming, some of which has been shared already with you keeping up with my content thus far. However check out my latest single BELLY if you havn’t done so already.┬áMY LYRICAL STORY TOLD OF HOW MALCOLM X DIED!!!!!

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