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I Broke Her Trust, Love & Confidence In Me


Last year around this time, life was really ups and downs. Even though I wasn’t perfect, I thought I had found her. Every man wants a woman who looks up to him, see him for his dopeness and want to help him get to where God has destined for him to be. We do little things, big things and then we want that one to see us for the greatness we know were born to display. Thats what this song is all about. The right woman can really motivate a man. She can inspire him from here to Pluto. I’m just sharing my thoughts of what inspired this song. We had plans. We talked about a bunch of things. Some we agreed on and others we didn’t. Most of it was petty if we did disagree. But I had the perfect idea yo. I was going to propose, then hit her with this dope idea of an EP for our wedding weekend. This song was supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately, we never got around to that. And till this day, I’m almost certain she hasn’t heard it, and if she did, would never know I intended to surprise her with this dope song and concept. The concept I shall keep a secret till later tho. I got this crazy idea…. this super creative idea… this super super dope idea. I can’t wait. I’m a need the homie cam, dream and rg on this one. Telling you.

As I reflect on all this now, I really did mess up. I wasn’t seeing as clearly as I should have been. I was too hard. I was not considerate enough. And really everything I wanted her to be to me, I wasn’t that to her from jump. Thats where I really made foolish mistakes. Should it have come to this point tho? This post, this song being released this way instead of what I had in mind?

Love alot of times is based on vanity. We live in a fantasy like existence. Life is so real, we like to escape into little dream worlds and pretend this and pretend that just to cope with the reality of life. Theres so much to invest in and there is so many who know little about their purpose in life. When we come together, we often hook up just because. We oft times don’t have any real major goals other than just were cool, were friends and we might as well come together, then we end up with children early in our relationship and it takes years after that to figure out what we really want to do.

Not me. I have spent years carving out what I really see myself doing for eternity. I took time and invested in various things to come to this conclusion. Where your meeting me now is just the beginning. I have so much more to go and see and do, that its going to take years and years and years of investments, sacrifice, work, planning and creating to really be great in life. Only thing missing is my ride or die. Thats not cliche. Thats a real statement. Do me a favor, read what I’m about to quote and listen to the song again once more before the end of this article. Listen to it in some dope speakers and surround sound turning the music all the way up. Telling yall I got something dope cooking and with more perfection each day, its growing into something Major and Powerful.

“You can be disappointed with your man, but if you keep beating him down with your mouth, you will always be disappointed. In his nature, he knows he is supposed to be the boss even though he does not have what it takes to be the boss. But, Sisters, if you really want to have peace in your home, learn how to handle your man in his ignorance and foolishness, because when God said, “Let us make man,” He needs your help. If you do not help God, you will not find a man that will satisfy your soul. We need your help. We need your support” – Honorable Louis Farrakhan


You can take a peak downloading this dope song dedicated to her here. 

….I’m giving yall the scoop on something special in the making. Not available until that time comes. 

You think the song is Dope, Im working on a dope video for these records here, “BELLY 1 & 2”. Full of dope content just as inspiring as what you got above.




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