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Look I usually don’t comment on topics like this that are all down my damn time line, with folks going back and forth arguing about what they feel and what not. I honestly feel I got so much to work on as a Black Male in this racist society, and music, purpose, work, stacking…

I just ain’t got the energy to post and debate about stuff like this.

This caught my attention though. Seeing black women uplift a bi-racial sister as though she was making progress for the struggle of black women via her marriage to a European. Others upset about the whole ordeal.

Tell you the truth, Black Men are destroyed. So sistahs don’t have much of a choice. Either remain single, date outside their race, or help God rebuild one of his fallen servants. This reminds of me a time I was around 16 years of age, working at a theme park in Cincinnati Ohio, as well as a movie that struck deep.

I worked with black and white. We all got along for the most part, pretty much with a few exceptions. I wasn’t aware of the racial issue with full sight as I do now. Any ways it was around 1999, we had the best food stand at the park. Potato Works. When white folk would come up to the line, no matter who was at the cash register, black or white… talking crazy, being disrespectful, I’d fix em real good as I was thinking. I cut the potatos into fries, dropped them in the fryer, and prepare your cup. Biggest fries and tasty too, especially when they were hot. But come to our stand talking that B.S…. you’ll get a cup packed with cold fries, with a few hot ones at the top. Thats just how I responded to disrespect from them.

But there was this white girl working with us. Her name was kerry. I heard from a black girl that someone had a crush on me. I found out who it was, and played it off. Finally she knew I knew who it was, and we went to lunch on our break one day to talk.

Now I entertained the thought at first, till the words of my black christian mother began to ring loud and clear. My mother loved all people as they say. She was a strong devout, apostolic christian.  She showed no difference to whites than to blacks. She raised us on movies such as the diary of Anne Frank, and the Immitation of Life. Now the Immitation of Life was a heavy drama. But to this girl, as we sat and ate our food, I recalled my mothers words and chuckeld. I wanted to share with her what my mother shared with me to see what she thought.

I asked where she or her parents were from. She said Germany. I remember telling her, be honest, would your parents approve of you messing or talking to a black guy? She slowly shook her head: NO……..

Hmmmmmmm…. the words of my mom began to sink in and materialize right before me. I was a bit shocked. I then told her my mom always told me, with a smile on my face, that if you ever get with those white girls, when they get mad they’ll cry rape and send you to JAIL!

She didn’t say much. We ate our food, and headed back to work, and I’m shackle free now writting this blog, except not from a physical prison cell tho, and working to free myself mentally and spiritually.

Now I don’t have time to break down this movie, but its worth watching. The story of a maid, black woman, mother who had a child by a white male care taker. She became a single mother to fend for herself and work mopping white folks floor or cleaning their entire homes. Her daughter was much like the mulatto as they say, as seen above in the photo from a so-called royal wedding. Meaning she could pass as white.

For the entire movie, the daugher would deny her black skinned mother, hoping she could pass for white since she resembled nothing like her moms. The whole movie, she kept running from her mother. All her mother wanted from her daughter, was the love she gave her baby girl, to the point it drove her to sickness and death.

There was this real hearbreaking point in the film, where the girl Sarah Jane, had been seeing a white boy from school. She lived with her mother, a white female care taker and their daughter. She told the her best friend, the white girl about sneaking off to see the boy one night. When meeting up with the young man, he wanted to ask her a sensitive question. She said sure anything. He ended up asking her about her race. About telling him, if she was half black, half white. She began to lie, denying her blackness. He became infuriated, and told her how his friends were all laughing that he had been seeing a Nigga. She kept denying it, and he became so enraged, he began slapping and beating her for humiliating him and then lying about it when confronted.

She ran home bruised, hurt and torn. In this whole ordeal, she was confused and sad, wishing she wasn’t able to pass for white, with a black mother so dark and opposite her skin tone. In the end….well….you’ll have to go check the movie out to catch the full ending and really see it for yourself. Meanwhile, a so-called royal wedding has been in the news, on my timeline and people are going crazy with conversation.

What if someone told you, that anytime a white person sleeps with a black or member of the darker race, because of their gene not being dominant, that one drop of black blood makes their children black, not mixed  or white but BLACK!

Was the drive to subdue and replenish the earth through sex, the cause of an entire people being raped for 400 years, producing a new breed of people, and the same act be the cause for the final extermination of the very same people who committed these domonic acts I just mentioned?


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  • Jaye-$upreme says:

    Yes indeed Mikal, Brotha Farrakhan is 100% correct BUT as a child of God, as a young man becoming a grown man, never put too much stress on who loves who?,My mother who can pass for being white always told me to Love the Quality of a person not their skin color,regardless of what people think, and LIVE your Life according to you and your well being regardless of race, creed or color. Asha and God (Allah) Bless…100%

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