Mikal Stands – 2018

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I pray this finds you in the best of health and spirits.

Its been a few months since my last post, email or promotion of what I’m doing as an Artist. Im writting you to inform you, I’m still here and working on many dope new ventures. So for the last 5 months or so, I have been heavily invested in learning all about film and editing. Coming soon are new visuals using some dope new equipment. So before, for years I just hired filmers to shoot videos for me. Now every project this year, will be with my own film gear, and the filmers we hire will be training myself and maybe one other person all of what they know.

I can’t share the film gear we are purchasing. If I did, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. We have plans on traveling outside the country this year and working on some really dope new concepts. Stay tuned.

I have a couple projects to release this year too. New sounds, new styles and dopest of all, taking the previous song, YOUNG PRINCE, to some dope new levels. Part of that level is a tour in the works with the fist city confirmed which is Phoenix Arizona. The next phase of Young Prince, will blow you away. I can’t wait till we roll out that project and begin its promotion. For now, we are working in silence.

I have also not put the song Young Prince on any major distribution world wide. This is in the works too. We have much to do, and its just been alot of planning that has taken affect and pushed other things aside, and made others come to view. I appreciate your support thus far, but be on the look out for the next move from Mikal Stands.

Do me a favor though, if you havnt liked my page via facebook and took a look at it, or even shared any of the videos on your page or what not, feel free to do so here.

Mikal Stands

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