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I think its because of the love one man put into my heart for our generation and younger. I’ve been touched by a man named the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and his love for our people. He encourages us to put the youth and young adults out front. So ever since then, I’ve been in training to become a spiritual youth advocate and representative. That was in 06.

When we have youthful spirit, and continue in the mind of a student that helps as well. A lot of this world makes people think that, I’m 18 so I’m grown, but barely even know what their born to do. Being 18, 25 and 30 compared to the time were supposed to live which is in the hundreds is like calculating literally seconds in existence. “God is the oldest person in the universe, yet He’s fresh in every generation” – Louis Farrakhan. When we have this mindset, then we don’t age. We get younger and younger, and school is life, which is everyday. Real fun is learning something new today that I was ignorant to yesterday.

For several years I’ve been wanting to learn film and editing. Its a major part of an Artists life. Plus I think its so dope the way you can film something and how dope we as engineers can make it look. I’ve been able to learn the basics in under 4 weeks. I have really learned a lot. That said, youth want people they can relate too. A fresh view. A fresh mind and someone who will keep it 100! Thats why I believe I’m so effective when it comes to them. Plus as the bible teaches, a good name is better than gold.

My mother gave me the name Michael from the Arch Angel in the bible. She would always say he was a warrior Angel who leads the battle of Gods Angels against Satan in the last day. Gods Chief Fighting Angel. Wow. Many have told me I have a powerful presence. That I’m very assertive, walk and move with power. The name Michael actually translates into a question. It translates as, ‘WHO IS GOD”. My name is actually asking a question. From the break down of this name, my spiritual father and greatest mentor taught on this. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said in summary, Michaels name asks a question and in a great time such as this, where everyone wants to know the most important question of all. People are asking, ‘who is God?’. People are searching and looking for God. The ‘STAND’ that ‘MICHAEL’ takes, Gods chief Angel, answers that questions for people.

Michael is one who goes where others are ‘unwilling’ to go. So when I look at the reason for my mother naming me, then take a look at what I have a passion for doing it fits perfectly. I love helping people find their reason for being particularly the youth. Our reason for being, is tied to our creator and what He hand in mind, thousands of years before as we were being thought of for this time. The youth of today are the most fearless group our people have ever produced since being in America. They are born warriors. So who does Michael the Arch Angel fight for and who are those Angels that he is leading into battle against a wicked enemy? Michael fights for the one who gave him the power and the gift as an Angel. I humbly submit, he’s leading into battle the young, the fearless the killas by nature all throughout America. and really the world. These youth must be guided. These youth must be galvanized and God has sent his Chief Angel in the world in order to ready the soljahs for battle. But what are we battling against?

This fight is a spiritual fight. Its a mental fight. Its a psychological fight. Its a fight against illiteracy, ignorance, white supremacy, black inferiority, self hatred, genocide, murder, envy and jealousy. People are also afraid of the youth, so they reject them or don’t go in places where the youth are at. Many youth are rejected also, due to the genre of music they choose to listen too, Rap Music. Mikal is a varied altered spelling of the Arabic form of the english version of Michael . Meaning the Arabic is spelled differently. I liked Mikal by way of a great friend of mine who helped me to choose this name, which fits my sound, is unique, and represents really everything about me.


I’m really inspired to continue to take the stand that I take with music, my gifts and being unafraid to go into places and target the rejected of the society, the rejected of religion, and organizations who see youth and young adults as problems vs the real solution to the worlds ills. I hope and pray that God grants me every day a way to continue my purpose and continue to use this gift lyrically that I may work on behalf of Gods Christ, and their Messiah in order to help them guide a generation against the traps of Scientific Enemy bent on stopping the rise of the most powerful generation we have produced really in a long, long time.

Yo definitely feel free to listen to more of Mikals sounds here. And don’t hesitate to hit me up and share whatever your heart guides you too. Thanks for all your support.



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  • Sis Khadijah Muhammad says:

    ApdtA great blog! Definitely allows readers to know who you are and your purpose! The Youth is the truth! & it definitely takes a village! Keep inspiring ❤️

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