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Bless up na man…Bless up…Bless up…lol.

So as I shared in my last few posts, I wanted to test this camera out.

I stopped in atlanta for some time to pick up a passport for a dope trip coming up, I’ll fill you in on. But damn, the footage came out theeee bomb! lol… Every emcee has a technical skill besisdes making music. Again, some DJ, some engineer, produce beats, play instruments, or what have you. Me I fell in love with filming and the way people can make a picture look crazy outta this world.

When I was in kindegarden, my mother came to check on me and my lil bro, as we stayed across from the school in Hollywood cali. I recall my mother sharing what the teacher said to her about her son. Your son is really particular, very serious about his art work and if he makes one mistake, he’ll ball up the entire paper, and begin all over. Thats still me with more maturity.


I learned these 2 great principals from 2 men in my life, one more so than the other. I’ll start with the other. Mr. LRon Hubbard, of Scientology wrote a course called, THE ART COURSE. In it he details how an artist can be successful. He shared that, PERFECTIONISM, IS SECONDARY TO COMMUNICATION. Meaning, what ever art you create, question is not if its perfect, the question is, DOES IT COMMUNICATE? DOES IT REACH PEOPLE AND CAUSE THEM TO RESPOND. i Have struggled with this for years, but now I get it. I just want it to be DOPE AS HELL MAN…. mainly because I strive to be different. Like we all should right?


I”m him: if every body going to the boling alley, I’m a go to the park. Erybody going to the movies, naw…I’m a go to the museam or eat some pizza and chill somewhere else. I hate following crowds, and DOING STUFF JUST CAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT…of course doing the right thing should rub off on us…not just cause we see erybody else doing it… CAUSE ITS RIGHT…


Second great thing is from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, when he share this: “True Greatness Just Takes Time”. Most people running around trying to blow up off some get rich quick skeem, or some dream of being the next star, but building you, a brand, a name, a long lasting business to really show your GOD POWER…. yeah thats gone be a minute….10 may more years just to make success real reality. NOTHIN VALUABLE, COME EASY.


I pray you enjoy this footage, it took me some time to get back on the blog…be on the look out for more dope music I got coming.. had to grab a dope camera for all the new visuals. Thats all. Also God willing, I’ll be doing some COOL VLOGGING and since you really be into my music tho… your most likely going to see it first before social media!

I look forward to sharing more with you though, and you can again, go to my social media pages and share anything you want with those you know. mainly my website here: www.mikalstands.com/freemusic  


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