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I hope you enjoy these short briefs of whats going on with me lately. Here is another brief and this one is from my visit to tampa as well.

I wanted to test this camera out. So before my break was up, I drove to the beach on the way to clear water, pulled into a boat dock area, slept and waited until the next morning to take some footage of the sunrise. To my surprise, the footage came out looking awesome.

I love the cameras ability to keep a plain look for the footage, which allows some really cool coloring in the end. 

Arent you an Emcee though? So now your into filming instead of making music? Erica Badu is also a DJ, so is Talib Kweli. J Cole makes beats and engineers, Prince played so many instruments and one of my dopest favorite movies to watch  is, Man With The Iron Fist, starring Emcee of the Wu Tang Clan, RZA who also co-directed and wrote the movie. I neither play instruments, even though I wouldnt mind learning. I have never been insterested in beat making or engineering. But Filming and Photography have always interesed me, and I think are so dope creative arts, that Im spending thousands of dollars to invest in my set ups.

I look forward to sharing more with you though, and defintely working on new music, new visuals and new forms of art. Stay tuned and I would love for you to invite at least 10 people to my facebook music page here. You can tag them in the Young Prince video comment section if you’d like. I’m preparing for major releases and gotta get promotion going in a subtle way starting now.

Peace and Blessings,



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