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Mikal here with something new to share. Let me say that we are still in procuction, editing formatting mode of the BELLY LYRIC BOOK! Its almost done, and form what I’m told, ITS JUST THAT DOPE!

But I recall my spiritual father The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who recently spoke at both Nipsey Hussles Memorial, and his Marathan store on Crenshaw and Slauson, speaking about the value of Rap! He said at one time in so many words, 1 RAP SONG, with the right words, uplifting and or empowering the people is worth 1000 of his lectures.

I’ve been freed to use my gift in this mission and cause of raising our people from the dead. With the recent passing of bro. Nipsey Hussle, and all of the talk surrounding his murder, with the condition of our organizations, the people and the state of Hip Hop, I feel more inspired now than ever for music.

I have several dope bangers coming, along with others I have not fully released, or released at all.

Check out the sample verse below, and comment what you think, email me your thoughts, or hit me up on social media and drop a like and comment as well via my IG or Facebook music page.

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Blessings, Mikal

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