Nipsey Hussle & The Nation Of Islam

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Nipsey Hussle said his father when he and his brothers were young, would take them in the car to a corner in Los Angeles where some of the brothers would be pushing the FINAL CALL NEWS PAPER! He recalled his father telling him, that’s how you work hard and grind with discipline in life. Showing a younger Nipsey, what hard work with dedication looked like.

As I sat there and listened to him recount that, my mind went to the days when my father, a black man from Trinidad & Tobago who struggled to get to the States, would take me and my brothers in the car to a corner in LA, and watch him push the final call. We would be looking at the cars roll by, my father with the final call and the bean pies delivering Gods word to the people.

I said wow, look at that, Nips pops took his sons to watch brothers like my pops who had his sons doing the same exact thing……

It could have been that one of those days, they were actually watching my father do the work that his pops said, meant grinding with dedication and focus.

I wrote this song Holy Ghost, thinking about his murder, the murder of many bros that I never knew and those I did know. Down to the killing of my lil brother in Long Beach CA. The link to grab the song is just below, and I would greatly appreciate your help and support of this dope record that were planning to film and shoot a video for asap!

May God bless you in all your works, goals and aspirations. May this record and many more serve as musical fuel to keep you going in a dark hour such as this!



Holy Ghost

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