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I wanted to break down some of the bars within the song P.R.O.F.I.E.

It came after a truck accident in Florida, in which I was flipped all the way over, completely totaling the vehicle I was driving in, being take to the hospital around 4am in the morning to get my bloodied for-arm patched up.

I was shaken to the point where, I was not only grateful to GOD THAT I SURVIVED WITHOUT MAJOR INJURIES, EVEN DEATH, I realized that since life isn’t promised to any of us, I needed to pick up the pace in the area of my purpose in life.

I had been traveling for work across the country, and had been working on new music since the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

But had not taken time to finish the recordings, or even put visuals to the music. I took the accident as an opportunity to do so.

A look listen bro you don’t need no college now, all you need is knowledge now, take the book and break it down, walk a path sacred…now. Yo destiny shape it now, Christ is black that picture of Jesus y’all got up take it down!


Here Im basically not discouraging college at all, except for bull shit degrees that don’t allow us to come out creating a job for ourselves, but begging others to give one to us. I’m simply saying, to particularly the young black male, that just because your not a college graduate, doesn’t mean you won’t be SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE! Malcolm X never went beyond the 8th grade of school, yet degreed graduates from Yale, Harvard, and many institution had a hard ass time defeating his arguments he got from his teacher,

THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, who also never went beyond the 3 or 4th grade of school. Yet he was able to work for 40 years helping black people establish, schools, farms, factories, stores, business, self-defense, self respect, international trade and commerce, re-education in the field of religion and God, but all these are social engineering problems when it comes to poor and oppressed people, yet he never got a social engineering degree FROM NO COLLEGE. His only claim was that he met with God in person, and God himself in the body of a man taught him what he knew that confounded the wise of the world particularly in America and Europe.

Minister Farrakhan, has attended college, but he always says, fortunately or unfortunately he never got his degree. He called for 1 million black men to come to the mall in DC, nearly 2 million showed up and it was on a Monday, not the weekend!!!

He stood up against the powerful jewish forces in America, challenged the government, spoke on many colleges and universities, worked to rebuild the Nation of Islam after America thought they had destroyed it, he worked criss crossing the nation speaking and speaking and speaking and meeting until the NOI WAS BACK IN FULL AFTER JUST 3 YEARS!

Farrakhan has toured the world, speaking and warning government leaders from Sadaam in Iraq, to Muamar Ghadafi of Lybia, Fidel Castro, meeting with heads of states, gov officials, drawing thousands to come hear him speak, to even ARGUING HIS BELIEF OF GOD COMING TO AMERICA TO SAVE BLACK PEOPLE, in the holy city of Mecca Arabia for 3 days and WINNING AND NEVER LOOSING A DEBATE!

Mind you he has done all this and more, being 86 years old now, and still teaching and warning, but never graduation college to GET A DEGREE!

I hope the point is taken! Rap is powerful. When you look between the lines were saying a lot underneath it all, and I didn’t even mention so many others who are successful in life with out college knowledge. The point is, all we need is a knowledge of God, and a knowledge direct to the subject we wish to master, and we can master anything we put our minds too.

Is good to believe in Jesus, I do too. I believe Jesus is actually in power. At the right hand of God destroying this enemies world as we speak. But what is most damaging about the belief in him, is thinking that he was white, which makes no difference, only because they made it make a difference. If he was white in the first place, cool, as in the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, who was a white arab! I believe in him and the word he brought from God. But since white people took Jesus and used his name to murder and subject Black People the world over to slavery, death and shame, and made an image of him to have us INDIRECTLY WORSHIPPING THEM, INSTEAD OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY, then we should have a problem with that, and if you got a picture of him on the wall,

I would take it down. Get acquainted to the real teaching of Jesus, which you may have to seek outside the Bible then come back to it for a greater understanding.

Life is what you make it now! Yeah the odds stacked up! But the mind set gotta be man they got me fucked up! Grind on auto tho, 10Xs harder tho, be a better father yo! A giant in the eyes of all my baby mammas too!

Here is just an encouragement to take our life into our own hands. Life is what we make it based on choices that we make. As a people we have a lot of things against us, but God doesn’t place on us a burden beyond the ability of us to be able to deal with it, over come and make it through. So I encourage us to have the mind set of F-IT! Meaning to hell with them damn odds, that ain’t bout to STOP ME!!!

Right now, the black male has the highest rate of suicide. We take our lives more than any race group male/female in the country. But the fact we survived the trans-atlantic slave trade, is a great example of how we can survive the slavery going on in our own minds, hearts and souls. We endured the greatest threat to anyones soul, the robbing of our minds, names, religion, culture, virginity, virtue, land, kingdom, and our prison sentence wasn’t just for a life, but for 400 plus years! If we survived that, even though we go through much hell today, largely due to our own foolish mistakes, WE CAN CONQUER AND MAKE IT THROUGH! TRUST ME!

I also encourage us not to judge our fathers, understand the pain they suffered with all odds and targets of America set for the mind and power of the black male….but to also see the necessity to be better than they were in the areas of their weakness as they would want the same. We as men have a duty to rise to the top of whatever field were in, and inspire our children to want to be like us, do us even down the women to bore those children. The more we rise, the more we produce greatness and over come odds, we even inspire the women we argue with, and can help them see that God was in us all along. It just took some time to bring God out and make him reality!

Not a dead beat! Driving not no back seat, focused on my purpose look straight ahead of me, be a better me, gotta higher pedigree! So I ain’t never settling, this murder in my city bet the government is meddling, this squad that squad but who we be from past lives, God’s like the most high…. the physical get buried back, but energy it don’t die! Just another profile! 

These lines are inspired by the killing of Nipsey hussle. No one has come out and said what really happened, but some believe our brother was murdered in an effort to thwart the plans bro had as a rising influential star, not just to show off his jewlwery cars or clothes, but potentially showing black men investment in the hood, the streets, their family their ideas, but more important going to gang hoods and telling them we need to really stop this killing and PUT DOWN THE GUNS. Many of the murders are instigated by government agents within the gangs, and street organizations, to help keep the killing going, so we won’t unite and they can continue to flood the school/street to prison pipeline and keep us from Gods promise to make us great nation under him!

There more to the break down of this song. briefly, the hook is simply saying, since they kill our leaders and we die on the street like dogs to gun and gang violence, energy cannot be destroyed. They can kill my physical body, but my energy can take on another form, hence PROFILE. Profiles, outline, body, being, form of physical appearance. I often look at babies and stare them down in their eyes, and I ask them,

What are you born here to do? What did you come into existence for? My 3 month old niece began kicking and doing things with here mouth as if to tell me……the children know what they are here for. THEY CAN FEEL IT! Its up to us to help nurture that gift, that talent, that energy so they can do what God sent them here to do, then move on and make a way for another human being born into the world for what God sent them here FOR AS WELL! Its a cycle. I cannot end nor be destroyed!

More next blog, god willing!

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Blessings, Mikal

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