TRINIDAD ??, Family History & New Music

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It’s been awhile since my last post. My apologies. I’ve been really working hard to manage my whole operation, and at times it’s not easy. But I’ll be more in touch these coming weeks and months as good things have been kicking up for me despite the trials. I pray your life is going well despite yours too.

Recently I received the news that my grand uncle had passed away! My mother is from Cleveland Ohio, my father from Trinidad & Tabago. Growing up I never had one family reunion. Family on my mothers side is fairly big, but her siblings don’t communicate like that, and they didn’t have much children anyways.

My father recently told me, I had more family in England than all of America, from the islands! So I have been making plans to visit the UK but recently had the opportunity to visit the country of my fathers brith, in a small community called, SEALOTS!

My 2 big sisters were born there as well, and my older brother was in the womb when his mother left the island to live in LA. My family turned out big in Trinidad for the passing of Grand uncle Joel Vincent. I never met him, nor did I ever meet my grand father only my grand mother, who now resides in Saint Vincent.

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect. My pops called and said we may be going to the island sooner than planned, and when i asked he said a week or two. We had an immediate family plan with him and all my siblings to visit the island and learn of our history there. But the sudden deal of uncle Joel forced a few of us to be able to travel but not every one.

I’m glad I went. The first day was really deep. They met me at the airport. My pops walked me down, then stopped to look for his brother. A man walked up to me grabbing my bags, and knowing about Aruba before, people will be aggressive to grab your bags and put you in a cab cause they are hustling money in US dollars! So I paused and said hold up man… looking for my pops. Lol my pops came and approved the man, I looked and he said MIKEY? I’m like yeah… we hugged and dapped up. Damn it was my uncle…. I never met him all my life but I wasn’t about to let no stranger just take my shit and toss it in his car for some money! Hell no…. lol!

Uncle James and Pops

So we went to the vehicle and man bro… I felt heat like a mug… my unc said it was cool that day! I’m like damn…. it’s hot as hell down here boy!!!

The first thing I noticed in the car was the steering wheel! On the right side like we in England. That was dope and weird cause I been wanting to travel to London, and the thing that was tripping me out was the driving on the left side of the roads. To me they on the wrong damn side and I referred to it as that…. lol… THE WRONG SIDE BRA….

But yeah it be looking like you about to crash… cause they turn different and it’s all structured backward if you ask me, but they supposed to be driving the right way, America is the one who rebelled from England! Right… Who gives a damn they put us in slavery any got damn way!

We driving man, and ASAP I’m pulling out my camera filming.

When we arrive, I could see the down town area from the street we turn left down. The road was crazy though. A huge long tunnel in the middle of the street that if you drive down the street at full speed, say good by to your front end cause you bout to fuck it all up… TRUST ME!

We pull up and get out to head in. The area looks historic. I didn’t know that they were still living a certain kind of way that would make my sister and cousin, head to my other cousins hotel to clean up! I stayed and experienced what the people do on a daily, cause my mind is on mission and looking to connect my purpose while on the trip!


But the experience I have in the next few hours, followed by that night and the next few days would be very deep, heavy, serious and thought provoking as well as crazy! I’ll stop here and just say I had the time of my life but NOT on beaches and water fronts, this hood has a lot of violence in it, and God allowed me to visit, learn of my families history here long ago, and tie it to my purpose and gift as an emcee and artist from the states. More next blog God willing!

Check out the music video we filmed with the youth of sealots below, and comment what you think, email me your thoughts, or hit me up on social media and drop a like and comment as well via my IG or Facebook music page.



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Blessings, Mikal

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