TRINIDAD ??, Family History & New Music PART 2

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Returning from Trinidad I been super inspired. Inspired for new music, inspired for new levels of my purpose and then some.

While in Trinidad I saw much suffering of the people. Like anywhere blacks are always on the bottom of the society. I was taken a back when I went to shower and was told I would bath in a stall, build within was a toilet, and a section to take a shower, shower in the middle contained a bucket. We took water from a faucet outside, or inside at the sink, then went into the stall to take a bath standing up. I carefully stepped in, took the water into my hand, put it over my body, then used the soap to lather up and then rinse off.

The water was cool, not ice cold but the heat in the islands is always up. So it wasn’t a bad thing. But taking this kind of bath, made me think of how UNGRATEFUL WE ARE IN THE STATES.

We complain about walking to a bus stop, and some of our people living in the islands and else where don’t even own a car. My father when I was young, would walk literally blocks and blocks….without even a hesitation.

We talk about this and talk about that, and yes America is the belly of the BEAST, however it is still a physical heaven compared to the physical hell others are suffering from.

I say physical, because inside of America, we are in fact the most dumbed down on the planet. When you travel abroad, the people are suffering, but when they come to the states, they make moves and set things up seemingly quicker than we do in America, and we been here LONGER!

We experience and mental and spiritual slowness that others don’t seem to suffer from.

I had a friend I met in Cincinnati who owned a Jamaican restaurant. He said he came to the states about, at the time, 7 years prior. He enrolled in college and played on the UC football team. He then began working at a bank, and also cooked every Friday out of his dorm room. He eventually wanted to leave the bank due to how they were treating him in some way. He said though, his cooking became so popular every Friday, that he started calling his Friday meals, ISLAND FRIDAYS, and within a year or two moved it across the street inside a building establishing his very own Jamaican restaurant. We would have discussions on how black men would walk by his place of business and beg for this or that, yet he was able to accomplish so much, but didn’t really grow up in the states.

So even though they may be extremely poor in the islands, the mindset is a bit more different, probably largely due to the fact that the slaves who were BROUGHT TO AMERICA WERE COMPLETELY DESTROYED ON ALL LEVELS.

I’m inspired now to finish my civil engineering degree on the bachelor level, and work to attain my license. I have a vision that I see myself returning to the island of Trinidad more regularly and doing the work of a savior, spiritually, mentally, musically and environmentally. My grand father who they called BAMBOO, his brother who recently passed Uncle Joel, and their brother along with other family members worked to build up the area called SEALOTS, and every one knows my family there.

Right now, the violence is crazy. The area where my family is from is called RASTA CITY. They are beefing with another community so-called MUSLIMS!

Talking with my cousin, they don’t really practice ISLAM as a real muslim, but dibble and dabble in it. They are shooting and killing each other on site. Wasting no time. Each community has a leader, or a gang head. Its rules and regulations in those areas and you have to follow them. The police I’m told are corrupt, as well as government leaders and the people end up suffering the most.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has visited the islands several times in the last 10 years, touring the islands and speaking to the people. His message is clear, America and Europe have us killing one another, while they have come in to marginalize the Caribbean in order to CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT THE PEOEPLE AND THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES, INCLUDING THE MOST VALUABLE ONE, THE WOMEN!

Sex slavery is high in the islands. Prostitution is big. And people like Jeffory Epstein are a prime example of why the corruption is so high. The rich and the powerful can come in and with 1million dollars, can multiply that by 7 TT. TT is the code for Trinidads money, and stands for Trinidad and Tobago. So the more money you have, the greater your ability to play. Its crazy, but I see the value of being a son and grand son of Trinidad.

Our role and purpose is to build our life here, and use our knowledge resources and finances to help our people most in need and prepare to return one day to help make life better for those that we have connections too. We still have a whole lot to do in America, but we can definitely prepare visions for the future and start now, by returning and dropping seeds in places where our family settled and worked and struggled for years to survive. Some make it out, some don’t. Some end up loosing their life like a lot of us in the states, but we can prepare for what we need to do, to help God and his Christ the world over for establishing the kingdom of God.

More next time, blessings,


Uncle James and Pops

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